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One Door Lockers

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One Compartment locker
British built quality steel locker with steel doors.
Door frames are manufactured from high grade 0.9mm steel to provide maximum strength.
The lockers doors are also manufactured from 0.9mm steel.
The door frame compartment dividers or plinths are welded for additional strength and
Each door* is fitted with an internal, welded door strengthener and the hinges are a high quality 5 knuckle design.
Available in a range of Powder Coated colours which includes an anti bacterial ingredient
improving the hygiene performance of the lockers and reducing bacterial levels.

One Compartment Locker Specifications
Comes complete with a top shelf and double coat hook.
Sizes available - Height x Width x Depth.
1780mm x 305mm x 305mm    Product Code 701212
1780mm x 305mm x 380mm    Product Code 701215
1780mm x 305mm x 460mm    Product Code 701218
1780mm x 380mm x 380mm    Product Code 701515
1780mm x 460mm x 460mm    Product Code 701818

Also available in nests of 2 and 3 units. Buying in nests will save you money.

Choose from 7 standard door colours available for all locker sizes
Locker Door Colour Silver Grey
Silver Grey RAL 9006
Locker Door Colour Black
Black RAL 9004
Locker Door Colour White
White RAL 9016
Locker Door Colour Green
Green RAL 6018
Locker Door Colour Yellow
Yellow Similar to RAL 1004
Locker Door colour Blue
Blue Similar to RAL 5019
Locker Door Colour Red
Red Similar to BS 04 E53

Door colours can be mixed to create checkered or random colour schemes. Please contact us to discuss your colour scheme.

Choose from 3 standard Locker Body colours
Locker Body Colour Silver Grey
Silver Grey RAL 9006
Locker Body Colour Black
Black RAL 9004
Locker Body Colour White
White RAL 9016

Lock Options
Standard included Lock Options:
Type A Lock
Type A Locks - Key Locking (Standard Cam lock with 2 keys supplied per lock)

Type B Lock
Type B Locks - Hasp & Staple
(suitable for padlocks not supplied)

Optional Lock choices:
Type C Radial Pin Lock
Type C - Radial Pin Locks
The radial pin locks are designed to provide greater levels of security over standard key
locks. Two keys provided with each lock. Master keys also available

Type D Lock
Type D - Combination 3 digit combination Lock
A basic but effective 3 digit pre coded combination lock.
Please note that this lock is supplied with a preset code that cannot be changed

Type E Lock
Type E - Code Re-programming 4 digit combination.
This lock is more sophisticated than the similar Type K lock as you can find an existing
code and reset the code using the master key

Type K Lock
Type K - Re-programmable 4 digit combination lock

A master key can be used to open all locks.
To reset the code you need to use a detecting plate/shim to locate the set number prior to resetting it for another user.

Type H Lock
Type H - Coin Return Lock
These locks are coin operated and return the coin after use.
Available for a range of £ denominations, Euros and tokens.

Lock Type L
Type L - Electronic Digital combination Lock
4 digit user code
8 digit master  code
Choice of Modes -Private mode  (user code retained when  opened) or
Public mode  (user code lost when opened)
Technician mode  (user code retained with lock set in Public mode)
Mechanical override key, 2,000  differs, master  option

Master keys for standard cam locks are available as an extra option.

The total £ value shown, when ordering, in your “lock Type” selection is the total for a
lock on each door/compartment of your selected locker.

May also be described as:
one tier locker
single tier locker
1 tier locker
one door locker
single door locker
1 door locker

*Door strengthener not needed on some products. Air vent system not available on some smaller door sizes.